Honours Students

Anastasia Skobkareva: Anastasia is a fourth year Bachelor of Science Psychology major. She began volunteering in the CAPSL during her second year of undergrad, assisting with a project investigating the ability of Dark Triad individuals to persuade others in business settings. The following year she completed a directed studies under the supervision of Dr. Stephen Porter and Alysha Baker, where she continued her work from the previous year, as well as assisted Alysha with her PhD dissertation. Anastasia is currently completing her honours under the supervision of Dr. Porter and her research interests are psychopathy, memory in a legal setting, deception detection, legal decision-making, as well as child/adolescent offenders.

Avery Sapoznikow: Avery is in the final year of his undergraduate degree working towards a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with Honours under the supervision of Dr. Zachary Walsh. Avery has previously completed an independent research study with Dr. Walsh on the Amazonian psychedelic tea Ayahuasca, which is in the process of being submitted to an academic journal. Currently, he is working on a study regarding cannabis use and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). His research interests include psychopharmacology, psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, cannabis use for therapeutic and recreational purposes, and treatments for substance use disorders.

Iman Zahirfar: Iman is a fifth year undergraduate student working to complete her Bachelor of Science degree with honours in psychology. In her third year, she began working in Dr. Stephen Porter’s forensic laboratory, and has since volunteered and done research in multiple labs on campus. She is currently completing her honours thesis, which looks at victim blaming, under the supervision of Dr. Jan Cioe. In the future, Iman wishes to complete her PhD in Psychological Sciences and focus her research on the topic of sexual assault and other aspects related to it.


Taya Henry: Taya is a fourth year student completing her Bachelor of Arts degree with honours in psychology. Taya took an interest in CAPSL during her third year thanks to her courses on advanced research methods and forensic psychology. Since then, she completed a directed studies in the Woodworth Lab. This year, Taya is completing her honours thesis with a focus on the relationship between the motivations for cyber-bullying and the Dark Triad of personality in college students.



Sydney Bednarik: Sydney is in her fourth year completing her honours degree with a specialization  in forensic psychology under the supervision of Dr. Michael Woodworth. Her research experience involves volunteering with CAPSL and the Health Psychology Lab, being a Research Assistant in the Health Psychology Lab, and completing a Directed Studies in the Woodworth Lab researching how language relates to the Dark Triad and deception in various communication mediums. Her current research will investigate sadism and how it relates to empathy and pain perception.

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